Due to COVID-19, you may now request an absentee ballot in Tennessee for ANY REASON pursuant to court order.  We, as your local Republican Party, would like to keep you informed of your rights to absentee voting by mail.  For the August 6 State and Federal Primary and County General Election, you may request to absentee vote by mail NOW.  In order to do so, you must submit an absentee ballot request form to the Shelby County Election Commission, which must be received by July 30.  For the absentee ballot request form, the process, the list of other reasons allowing absentee voting by mail, and for all other information, please visit https://sos.tn.gov/products/elections/absentee-voting. Please note that we cannot legally provide you with an absentee ballot request form. If you have additional questions about the process, please call the Shelby County Election Commission at (901) 222-1200, or email them at voteinfo@shelbycountytn.gov.