General Election & Municipal Elections Tuesday, November 6, 2018

All precincts in Shelby County are included for the General Election.

General Election Offices to be Elected:

Federal Offices:

Senator U.S. Representative, District 8 U.S. Representative, District 9

State Offices:


Tennessee Senate, District 29 Tennessee Senate, District 31 Tennessee Senate

District 33 Tennessee House, District 83 Tennessee House, District 84 Tennessee House, District 85 Tennessee House, District 86 Tennessee House, District 87 Tennessee House, District 88 Tennessee House, District 90 Tennessee House, District 91 Tennessee House, District 93 Tennessee House, District 95 Tennessee House, District 96 Tennessee House, District 97 Tennessee House, District 98 Tennessee House, District 99

City of Bartlett:
BAR03-B, BAR04-B, BAR05-B, BAR06-B, BAR06-BS, BAR08-B, BAR09-B, BAR11-B, BAR13-B, BRU01-B, BRU02-B

Bartlett Alderman, Position 1 Bartlett Alderman, Position 2 Bartlett Alderman, Position 3
Bartlett School Board, Position 2 Bartlett School Board, Position 4
Bartlett Municipal Judge, Division 1
Bartlett Municipal Judge, Division 2

Town of Collierville:
COL01-C, COL02-C, COL03-C, COL04-C, COL05-C, COL06-C, COL07C, COL08-C, COL09-C, FOR01-C, FOR02-C, GER11-C

Collierville Alderman, Position 1, Collierville Alderman, Position 2 Collierville Alderman, Position 4
Collierville School Board, Position 2 Collierville School Board, Position 4

City of Germantown:
FOR01-G, GER02-G, GER03-G, GER03-GS, GER04-G, GER05-G, GER06-G, GER08-G, GER10-G, GER11-G, GER12-G

Germantown Alderman, Position 1 Germantown Alderman, Position 2
Germantown School Board, Position 2 Germantown School Board, Position 4

City of Lakeland:
ARL02-L, LAK01-L, LAK02-L, STE00-L

Lakeland School Board

City of Millington:
LUC01-M, LUC03-M, MIL01-M, MIL01-MS, MIL02-M

Millington Aldermen, Position 1 Millington Aldermen, Position 2 Millington Aldermen, Position 3 Millington Aldermen, Position 4
Millington School Board, Position 2 Millington School Board, Position 4 Millington School Board, Position 6

Voter Registration Deadline: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 Early Voting: Wednesday, October 17–Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018

Early Voting Times and Locations

Sample Ballot With Republicans Highlighted in Red