The Republican Party of Shelby County held its biennial reorganization convention today at Houston High School in Germantown, TN. Lee Mills was elected as the Chairman for the 2017-2019 term.

Mr. Mills had served as 1st Vice Chair under Chairman Mary Wagner. He was elevated to Chairman late last year after Governor Bill Haslam appointed Chairman Mary Wagner to her position as Circuit Court Judge.

The entire 2017-2019 Shelby County Executive Committee is as follows:

2017-2019 Shelby County Executive Committee

Lee Mills                         Chairman
Judy Pearson                  1st Vice Chair
Richard Morton             2nd Vice Chair
Amy Stanfill Spicer       3rd Vice Chair
Tom Owen                      4th Vice Chair
John Niven                     Treasurer
Garrett Dorris                Vice Treasurer
Sharon Ohsfeldt             Recording Secretary
Lyn Windsor                   Corresponding Secretary
Jane Pierotti                   At-Large 1
Chris Connolly               At-Large 2
Tim Beacham                 At-Large 3
Nancy Boatright            At-Large 4
Amber Mills                    At-Large 5
Louis Focht                     At-Large 6
Randy Hendon               At-Large 7
Kevin Hardin                  At-Large 8
Charlotte Bergmann     District 83 Representative
Sharon Hyde                  District 84 Representative
Arnold Weiner               District 85 Representative
Bob Morgan                   District 87 Representative
Nancy Tapp                    District 88 Representative
Michael Gilroy               District 90 Representative
Jennifer Nichols            District 91 Representative
David Wittman              District 93 Representative
Naser Fazlullah              District 95 Representative
Price Harris                    District 96 Representative
Billy Bryan                      District 97 Representative
David Shiffman              District 98 Representative
Kenny Crenshaw           District 99 Representative