Dear Friends:

Thank you to everyone who took part and helped with our reorganization process.  We appreciate everyone showing their support for the Shelby County Republican Party and so willingly giving of their time.  We had a tremendous turnout for delegates at the Convention on Sunday.  As a result, we brought new people into the Party and elected a great team of leaders.

I would like to thank Chairman Justin Joy for his dedication and leadership over the last four years.  We owe him and his family our gratitude for all of their hard work and sacrifice for our party.

I look forward to serving each one of you and Shelby County over the next two years.  Together we will grow and strengthen the Republican presence in our beloved county.

I congratulate the following individuals who were elected to the 2015-2017 Shelby County Republican Steering Committee.  I look forward to working with each one of them.

Lee Mills, Vice-Chairman

Rebecca Parsons, Second Vice-Chairman

Geoff Diaz, Third Vice Chairman

Lindsey Donovan, Fourth Vice-Chairman

John Niven, Treasurer

Jeff Jacobs, Vice-Treasurer

Sharon Ohsfeldt, Recording Secretary

Nancy Boatright, Vice- Recording Secretary

Katie Pickler, Corresponding Secretary

Amy Stanfill, Vice-Corresponding Secretary

Richard Morton, Primary Board Chairman

Jane Pierotti, At-Large Position 1

Billy Bryan, At-Large Position 2

Sharon Hyde, At-Large Position 3

Ben Hopper, At-Large Position 4

Amber Mills, At-Large Position 5

Ari Sauer, At-Large Position 6

Judy Pearson, At-Large Position 7

Kevin Hardin, At-Large Position 8

Kyle Wiggins, District 83 Rep.

Meg Clifton, District 84 Rep.

Arnold Weiner, 85 Rep.

Brenda Fowler, District 86 Rep.

Bob Morgan, District 87 Rep.

Tim Beacham, District 88 Rep.

Michael Gilroy, District 90 Rep.

Drew Daniel, District 91 Rep.

Mike Shearin, District 95 Rep.

Andrew Jordan, District 96 Rep.

Randy VanVoorhis, District 97 Rep.

John Hall, District 98 Rep.

Kenny Crenshaw, District 99 Rep.

Brad Snyder, Primary Board

Shawn Schielke, Primary Board

Beth Stathos, Primary Board

Dr. George Flinn, Primary Board

Together we will lead the Party to even greater success in the future.


Mary L. Wagner