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Cary Vaughn Elected Chairman

Cary E. Vaughn was unanimously elected as the Republican Party of Shelby County Chairman today at the bi-annual convention of the county party. Chairman Vaughn’s current term will run from 2021-2023. Chairman ...

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Dear Friends,
Roberta and I are praying for the families, friends, and fellow service members of the men and women who lost their lives in Afghanistan this week. This is a horrendous national security and humanitarian catastrophe. This is a direct result of President Biden’s deficient and unsuccessful leadership. There is no doubt that President Biden’s actions and decisions have emboldened terrorists as well as our nation’s enemies. That is why earlier this week, I joined Rep. Michael Waltz in introducing a resolution that condemns the president for his failed execution of our country’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.
For a list of resources for those in need of evacuation from Afghanistan, click here.
This week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats called us back to Washington for two days. Given the dire situation in Afghanistan, you’d think what we would be voting on would be related to Afghanistan. We rushed back to vote on a partisan budget resolution that will push forward a costly and reckless $3.5 trillion spending bill that is a priority for President Joe Biden and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders. Learn more about this resolution by clicking here or the photo above.
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